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Find Part Numbers By Diagram

Many manufacturers provide online access to parts diagrams. This enables end-users to find the part they are replacing on the diagram, and see associated part numbers. We have produced a few instructional videos below for:

MyCNHi Store - New Holland, Case IH & Steyr

The new Customer Parts Catalog in the MyCNHiStore makes it easy to find the parts you need, from legacy machines to new Case IH, New Holland and Steyr equipment!

Below is a list of the features on the MyCNHiStore:

  • Search by Type - Select the equipment type that you want to find parts for.
  • Search by Keyword / Part Number - Have a specific part number you can reference? Type it in the search bar and get immediate access to your part.
  • Search by Model - Prefer to search by the specific model of your equipment? Type your model name into the search bar to find parts, stocking lists, assembly diagrams, accessories and more!
  • Search by Serial or PIN Number - Have a specific serial number or PIN you can reference? Type it in the search bar and get immediate access to your part.
  • Detailed technical drawings make it easy to identify the right part - You can navigate by Serial Number/Model, Functional Group or Assembly and page between Assemblies or using Search in Entire Model to look up the parts needed.
  • Navigate by Equipment - Know the type of part you need, but don’t have a specific part or serial number handy? Search by equipment type.
  • Enriched Part Detail Page - Photos and 360° images (where available) Fitment chart indicates all equipment models the part will fit and immediate access to Technical Drawings where the part is represented.

How to Find New Holland/Case IH/Steyr Part Numbers

Using the New Holland CR7.90 Combine Harvester as an example, below are the step by step instructions on how to find a blower part number.

  1. Open the MyCNHiStore by clicking here
  2. From the available brand selection, click on New Holland - Agriculture
  3. In the drop down menu select your search method (Type, Keyword, Model or Serial Number), for this example we'll use Model
  4. Using the search bar, type in CR7.90 and click on the search button or simply press enter on your keyboard.
  5. The matching models search results are displayed, for our search there are 12 models to choose from.
  6. Select CR7.90 E4 - Combine - Tier 4A (EU) (12/14-01/18)
  7. The part's sections are displayed for our model, select section 50 - CAB CLIMATE CONTROL
  8. The sub-sections are now listed. Select sub-section 50.200.050 - AIR RECIRCULATION FILTER
  9. The parts diagram will be displayed on the left hand side with a list of part numbers on the right. To find the blower, either zoom in on the diagram to locate the blower, in this case it is number 6, which we reference using the list of parts on the right hand side for the blower where the part number will be shown. Click on the part number for the blower 84056300.
  10. Our part is now displayed as number 84056300
  11. Using this number we can use the malpasAirflow search to locate and purchase the replacement blower motor for your NH Combine

AGCO (Massey Ferguson) Parts Book

The AGCO Parts Books provide an online reference which allows customers to easily find part numbers for their Massey Ferguson machinery. The website provides a full list of part details and associated diagrams/drawings for all models and is also available in 14 different languages.

You'll need to register your details to gain access to the parts books with your local dealer, visit AGCO Parts Book to find out more. Alternatively if you need a blower motor for a MF machine visit our dedicated Massey Ferguson cross reference section here.

Claas Parts Doc System

How to Find CLAAS Part Numbers

Using the CLAAS ARES 546 Tractor as an example, below are the step by step instructions on how to find a CLAAS blower part number.

  1. Open up the CLAAS Parts Doc System by clicking here
  2. Once the CLAAS site has opened, scroll down the page to the Parts Doc Login section
  3. Using the dropdown menu select an appropriate language, we're going to select English for this demo
  4. Tick the I agree to Conditions of use box and then click on the Login button
  5. In the new window that opens you'll need to refine your search for your CLAAS model. For our example we're using a CLAAS ARES 546 tractor so we would select Tractors as the Product family, ARES as the Product Line, ARES 566-546 RX/RZ as the Model and CT5311500 - CT5319999 as the serial number
  6. Once you have refined your model, click on the catalogue button
  7. A list of part categories will be displayed, for our tractor we selected 12 CAB / OPERATOR'S PLATFORM
  8. The list of options on the right hand of the screen will change displaying the sub categories. Scroll down to find an appropriate sub category, for our example it is 40 AIR CONDITION
  9. A further list of sub categories is displayed, scroll down to choose the correct one i.e. 220 VENTILATION and select the page with the image of the blower
  10. The part should now be displayed, for our ARES 546 tractor we need a 7700053495 blower motor

John Deere Online Parts Search

How to Find John Deere Part Numbers

Using the John Deere 7610 Tractor as an example, below are the step by step instructions on how to find a John Deere blower part number.

  1. Follow this link to open the John Deere Online Parts Search
  2. In the Search Parts Catalogs search box, type in your model number (for our search we used a 7610 tractor model). Click on the magnifier button to start the search
  3. If your search is successful a list of models will be displayed. Our search showed the model we wanted, so click on the model number in the results pane
  4. Now browse through the part sections to find the correct section for the blower motor, this may take a couple of clicks to find the right one. We selected the 40 ELECTRICAL section followed by the Wiring Harness, Cab, PowerQuad, For Europe for the 7610 tractor.
  5. Once the page has loaded you should see a parts diagram of the sub category, you may need to zoom in to identify your part. The blower motor for the 7610 tractor is diagram number 8 on this diagram.
  6. In the right hand panel, scroll down the list of parts until you come to your diagram number (8 for our model)
  7. The results show that we need 2 AL110881 blower motors for the 7610 tractor.
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