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5.5 inch Radiator / Air Conditioning Condenser Fans (12v) from SPAL Automotive

These small diameter fans give great performance for their size and power consumption. Efficient and clever engineering ensures the most air is moved with the fibre glass impregnated polypropylene, paddle blades whilst drawing a small a current as possible - an important consideration for smaller vehicles with only a small 12v lead acid battery such as ATVs and motorbikes. more

Multiple shroud types (VA21,VA39) are available for 5.5 inch SPAL fans. These are suitable for engine cooling and heating/air conditioning applications (HVAC). Airflow for these fans range from 299 to 348 CFM with maximum current draw ranging from 6.6 to 17.0 amps. Both Push and Pull versions are available. Fans with paddled blades come in varying depths of 60.00mm or 98.00mm.

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SPAL 5.5" (140mm)  Cooling Fan VA21-A37/C-45A (12v / 299 cfm / Pulling)
Genuine paddle blade suction condenser/radiator cooling fan from SPAL Automotive.
  • SPAL TYPE:VA21-A37/C-45A
  • 12v
  • Pulling (suction) for maximum efficency
  • Depth: 98mm
  • 299 CFM
  • 17A current draw
  • Paddle blades to give maximum airflow
  • Standard Connector with wire harness is included
In stock (for delivery only)
SPAL 5.5" (140mm)  Cooling Fan VA39-A100/IE-45S (12v  / 348 cfm / Pushing)
Genuine paddle blade blowing condenser/radiator cooling fan from SPAL Automotive.
  • SPAL TYPE:VA39-A100/IE-45S AMP S1.5 C/CLIP
  • 12v
  • Pushing (blowing) ideal for restricted spaces
  • Depth: 60mm
  • 348 CFM
  • 6.6A current draw
  • Paddle blades to give maximum airflow
  • EMC filter reducing motor acoustic noise
  • Wire harness with AMP connector supplied
In stock (for delivery only)
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