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24v SPAL Radiator/Condenser Fans

24v SPAL Radiator/Condenser Fans

The VA18-BP71/LL-59A is our most powerful 24v fan suitable for buses and coaches pull an incredible 2289 CFM at only 17amps, but air flow is not always the most accurate measure of power as the actual CFM is dependent on configuration of your radiator and engine bay setup. Some say a better indicator of fan power is the current that it draws, analogous to a racing car's top speed vs engine power. Having a high top speed does not mean it has the most horsepower. Compare all 24v SPAL Fans by specification or for more information see our guide on How to choose an electric radiator fan? more

malpasAirflow only stock genuine SPAL cooling fans - a brand synonymous with producing cooling solutions that meet uncompromising needs of its customers. Listed below is a range of 24v automotive radiator and ac condenser cooling fans for transportation (bus/coaches), construction (plant machinery) and other industrial DC applications....continue reading.

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How robust are SPAL fans? Are they suitable for hostile environments?

With a patented sealed motor design with an IP68 rating SPAL cooling fans are known for performance and reliability in harsh environments like transportation and construction.

How do I mount multiple fans on the same radiator or condenser?

Fans can be mounted in arrays and having multiple slots in the shroud flanges that enables SPAL fan mounting brackets to be slotted in. Next time you see a double decker bus drive by take a look towards the back, you may see an array of three or four 11" SPAL fans.

What's better? Getting a fan that blows air through a radiator from the front or one that pulls air through by suction from behind the radiator?

A pulling fan (suction) will always be more efficient (more airflow given the same motor power) but where spacing is limited there is usually a pushing (blowing) version of the pulling fan. Look for the "A" suffix in the SPAL TYPE to indicate a suction/puller fan, and an "S" for a blowing/pushing version.

Why "A" for suction and "S" for blowing?

SPAL Automotive is a manufacturer based in Italy so "A" is for aspirante and "S" for soffiante, "suction" and "blowing" in Italian respectively.

Products described as suitable for original manufacturers on this site are SPAL branded replacement parts and are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions are quoted for reference purposes only and are not intended to indicate or suggest that our replacement parts are made by the OEM. All SPAL products sold on this website are genuine SPAL Automotive products manufactured in Italy.