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12v SPAL Radiator/Condenser Fans

12v SPAL Radiator/Condenser Fans

Here at malpasAirflow we only stock fans made by SPAL - a recognised industry leader in the manufacture of cooling solutions. Listed below are our 12v electric cooling fans for turbo charge air / intercooler cooling on agricultural tractors. We also have fans suitable for small oil radiators on motorcycles, engine cooling for cars and vans. Lightweight slimline designs are popular for high performance vehicles and in motorsports! Compare all 12v SPAL Fans by specification. more

By airflow, our most powerful fan is the 16" VA18-AP71/LL-59A fan with an IP68 rated waterproof long life motor, pulling a massive 2185 CFM of air, but maximum air flow is not always king. Take the VA33-AP91/LL-65A for example, it pulls a smaller 2016 CFM but draws over 31 Amps - make sure your electrical system can handle that - using curved paddle blades to give more "oopmh"....continue reading.

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What size of radiator fan should I buy? Is higher CFM always better?

A pair of smaller fans often better for some radiator shapes and may give a higher combined CFM rating.

For smaller vehicles, a 11" fan like 30102800 may be more than sufficient. For more information see how guide on How to choose an electric radiator fan?

My engine bay is really cramped already, is there a SPAL fan that I could use?

Slimline low profile models are perfect for cramped engine bays. If low noise is a priority select a slightly more powerful curved blade model for quieter operation for the same airflow.

Pulling (suction) fans are more efficient, especially if cooling is required through multiple rows of radiators, but when there just isn't enough space to fit one, pushing (blowing) versions are usually available for the same model. Blowing fans are usually mounted in front of the radiator behind the grill at the front of the car.

What types of electric radiator fans do you stock?

We stock the whole range of SPAL blowers and fans. Fans are available in sizes ranging from 4" to 16" moving air at between 124 CFM (4" pushing fan) and 2036 CFM (16" pulling fan), current draw varies from a tiny 3A to a much larger 31.2A, the slimmest fans only measure around 52mm at max depth (mostly 7.5" to 11" fans).

Products described as suitable for original manufacturers on this site are SPAL branded replacement parts and are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions are quoted for reference purposes only and are not intended to indicate or suggest that our replacement parts are made by the OEM. All SPAL products sold on this website are genuine SPAL Automotive products manufactured in Italy.