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SPAL Radiator Fan vs cheap eBay fan

SPAL Radiator Fan vs cheap eBay fan

Ever wondered how a genuine SPAL High Performance radiator fan performs against cheap eBay fans? We found a few people who use SPAL fans that were eager to find out too!

In the video below you will see the tester comparing a 14” SPAL fan like the ones we sell here at malpasAirflow with a cheap generic brand eBay fan.

He first connected the fans to a power supply showing 13.8 volts on the voltmeter (see image) - which is roughly what your vehicle will be pushing out when the alternator is running.

As they did not have an air flow meter to hand they cleverly setup a rudimentary test using a piece of card on the other side of the radiator. Once the fans where turned on the airflow forced through the radiator moves card.


First up was the cheap eBay fan. When this was turned on it looks like there isn't a lot air coming through the radiator and the card is hardly moving at all. However, when they attached the SPAL fan and turned it on you can see a huge difference as it blows the card completely out of the way (see image below for comparison, much better than the cheap alternative.

SPAL Radiator Fan vs cheap eBay fan
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